Ronny Muller

ronny muller

Born in 1977, he grew up and live in Luxemburg. In 1986 he has found interest in electronic music and began spinnin on parties in the young age of 16 . In 2006, he started to create his own rhythms & sounds until he finally release in 2011 . Today in 2015, after 3 albums and many ep’s , remixes and more than 100 releases of various electronic genres on different labels he’s focus is still to create new sounds and he is always open for new projects. Electronic music has been a great influence in his life, even before his first steps in djing. He like electronic music,
and he`s also enjoy going to raves. Still, while he expect to enjoy the endless variety of music created through electronic methods for the rest of his life, he doubt he will be a raver forever. From his love for electronic music comes
his love for raving, not the other way around. It’s entirely possible to like electronic music without being a raver,
but it’s a lot more difficult to be a raver without liking electronic music. This group is for all musicians, singers,
music makers, and listeners into the electronic music scene in this small country! Electronic music is music that employs electronic musical instruments and electronic music technology in its production. In general a distinction can be made between sound produced using electromechanical means and that produced using electronic technology.
Today electronic music includes many varieties and ranges from experimental art music to popular forms.

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