MR G. ( Gustavo Pacheco Ortiz-Pinchetti )


was born the 3th September of 2000 in Mexico city.With 8 months my family and I went  to germany where I lived for 4 years. After we moved to Switzerland where i spend 7 years of my life. My love to electronic music started in Switzerland , i heard very commercial music like David Guetta when i returned to Mexico i started hearing big room house W&W stuff like this. One day i heard for the first time  Oliver Heldens and i loved his sound. But my actual inspiration came from the dutch duo Mr Belt &Wezol (Uk Garage House) the same year when i found my own sound i started producing my music.

In the year of 2015 i finished my track “Soul” wich reseved very good feedback and support of other Music Labels like Deep Bass Records and Dogmain Records other producers like Taliis and Steemulus liked my track.

“Soul” is reaching the 100 plays!!! Wich is a good start for me.

Every day i try to make the best of my music , making new things and allways Original.


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